No matter what the pressure,
We'll keep it tight.

Quality from the heart of Warstein

For 70 years

Our customers expect reliability, a long service life and perfect suitability for the relevant application. And this is exactly what we have been offering for more than 70 years now. We have always developed customer-specific, innovative solutions in the valves segment.
Operators of nuclear power plants put their trust in the reliability of our valves. Fossil fuel power plants, which need to be ever faster and need to start up and shut down in order to supplement renewable energies and thus require durable materials, rely on us, the shut-off specialists from Warstein.
We do not just adapt to changed conditions though – we shape the future.
State-of-the-art refuse incinerators, gas and steam combined cycle power plants, and biomass and hydraulic power plants achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency – due in part to support from PERSTA.
Our secret is that we rely on forged steel that has been transformed in the forge plant of our parent company, SIEPMANN-WERKE. What our customers really appreciate is that PERSTA supplies products from a single source, from the first hammer blow to final assembly.

  • Our core areas

    Where we excel:

  • Forged steel

    We do not use casting but forge products ourselves. As a subsidiary of SIEPMANN-WERKE, we rely on our own forged steel. This is how we guarantee the quality and long service life of our products. Segregation and shrinkage cavities? These are not part of our vocabulary.

  • Welding Technology

    We manufacture valves for a large number of sectors, each one with different requirements. Our welding engineers are therefore familiar with all established techniques. Everything is possible. We weld seams to last forever.

  • Development

    For us, quality does not just mean reliability and a long service life. The main priority for us is to offer the best possible solution to our customers’ problems. We do not always have a solution readily available but we are able to develop one.

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