Stop check valve

2-in-1 – the stop check valve

The high-pressure stop check valve is the latest innovation from PERSTA. It combines the functions of shut-off gate valves and swing check valves in a single valve, without having to compromise on handling, wear, functionality or pressure loss. Combination solutions already exist on the market which ensure isolation and prevent backflow. However, their architecture is that of a traditional valve and changing the flow direction of the medium results in a significant drop in pressure. But this is not the case with our stop check valve!

Gate valve architecture instead of traditional valve architecture

Our stop check valve works like a conventional gate valve, with one of the two discs in the open position acting as a swing check valve. If the pressure decreases or the medium flows back, the stop check valve closes and any backflow is immediately prevented. In addition to its special design and functionality, the stop check valve can boast the usual level of PERSTA quality. Our use of forged steel and the accompanying higher tensile strength help to achieve above-average durability and lower overall weight. This reduces structural costs within the plant.

Tried and tested in long-term test

Before our in-house development was launched on the market, it had previously been subjected to a long-term maturity test at the Marchwood CCGT Power Station in the UK. Ultimately, energy production was increased by 0.8 megawatts based on 6000 operating hours a year. This represents an increase in profits of some EUR 230,000.


  • 1.0460 / A105

  • 1.5415
  • 1.7335 / A182 F12

  • 1.7383 / A182 F22

  • 1.6368
  • 1.4903 / A182 F91

  • 1.4901 / A182 F92

Other materials upon request.


Up to +650°C


Water, steam, oil, gas and other non-aggressive media.


PN 630

Nominal size

bis DN 450