PERCON pneumatic piston actuator

PERCON is the pneumatic actuator we have developed in house. This actuator system has proven its reliability, particularly in safety-sensitive areas such as nuclear technology. These actuator offer multiple advantages over electrical actuators. Firstly, no explosion protection is required as no electrics are used. Secondly, the valve can assume a pre-defined position if the control air supply is interrupted, but it is still possible to control it manually afterwards. Plus, PERCON boasts a simple design and robust components, which means the service life is long whilst the maintenance costs are low.


Reliable actuator from a world market leader

Apart from the PERCON actuator, we can also supply our valves with electrical and other pneumatic actuator upon request. We rely on the quality of brands here that have not only proven their reliability on the market but that we have also found to be reliable in our experience.