Gate Valves

No pressure too high

Shut-off gate valves are the core product in our portfolio. Actively working together with our customers from various sectors, from the chemical and petrochemical industries to industrial and power plant engineering and shipbuilding, means that we have acquired decades of experience.

We are specialists in ‘isolation with no drop in pressure’.

That is why we do not hesitate to make the following claim: Our shut-off gate valves maintain a tight seal for longer, boast exceptionally long operating times and service lives, and are considered to be particularly easy to maintain and service.

Quality guarantee of our forged steel

When manufacturing pressure-retaining parts, we rely for example on forged steel that has been forged in house at SIEPMANN-WERKE in order to meet our quality standards. This ensures that the metal structure remains free of shrinkage cavities and pores, and has a high strength and low weight. The component wear and volume levels are both extremely low thanks to full seat passage. We can categorically say that the shut-off gate valve from PERSTA is ‘Made in Germany’, but, thanks to numerous certifications and standardisation systems, it is by no means only suitable for the German market. From DIN and ISO to ASME and from EAC to AFNOR, we have extensive experience when it comes to international standards. We rely on multi-stage in-process inspection and quality surveillance, which starts with our supplier audit and ends with the leakage test before delivery, to guarantee permanently high levels of quality.


  • 1.0619 / A216WCB

  • 1.0460 / A105

  • 1.0425 / A516Gr.60

  • 1.5415

  • 1.7335 / A182 F12

  • 1.7383 / A182 F22

  • 1.6368

  • 1.4903 / A182 F91

  • 1.4901 / A182 F92

  • 1.0566

  • 1.4571

  • 1.4581

Other materials upon request.


Water, steam, gas, oil and other aggressive and non-aggressive media.


Up to PN 630

Nominal size

Up to DN 1000


Up to +650°C