Line blind valves

Safe system pressure testing with PERSTA DPV

Line blind valves from PERSTA are the safe choice when it comes to performing system pressure testing in compliance with regulations. The forged-steel casing keeps the weight down while enabling high temperature gradients and cyclical loads with no noticeable wear.

The higher the pressure, the tighter the bonnet

For every line blind valve, we bring our own QA system into line with the customer’s requirements and the inspection and test plan (ITP) created specifically for the customer. The pressure sealing bonnet closure also ensures increased impermeability when the pressure rises in accordance with VGB directives. The promise we make to our customers to always deliver trouble-free products has also led to our decision not to use any special tools in assembly. 


  • 1.0619 / A216WCB

  • 1.0460 / A105

  • 1.0425 / A516Gr.60

  • 1.5415

  • 1.7335 / A182 F12

  • 1.7383 / A182 F22

  • 1.6368

  • 1.4903 / A182 F91

  • 1.4901 / A182 F92

  • 1.0566

  • 1.4571

  • 1.4581

Other materials upon request.


Water, steam, gas, oil and other aggressive and non-aggressive media.


PN 630

Nominal size

Up to DN 800


Up to +650°C