Smart Valve Monitoring System

Suitable for all the valves in the PERSTA supply range.

Caution: retighten bolt!

When does the bolt in the casing cover need to be retightened? When is there a risk of leakage? What is the condition of the valve? The answers to these questions are crucial for every plant operator. For one thing, they relate to the safety of the industrial plant and its employees. Then there is the fact that sudden damage causes substantial additional costs, which could have been avoided through early detection and prevention. We have developed the Smart Valve Monitoring System for precisely this prevention work. You can use this system to monitor individual valves or whole valve areas centrally.

Functionality and wear monitored continually

The Smart Valve Monitoring System tells plant operators when bolts are no longer tight enough, when the functionality of the valve is impaired or when the casing is at risk of damage. This not only ensures that damage is detected and prevented early but also guarantees that optimum use is made of the service life of the valve and associated components.