As one of the leading manufacturers of valves for industry in Germany, we are always looking for the best talents. Ultimately, it is our employees who are responsible for our success. They are the ones who develop innovations and get our products to customers through international sales and marketing.

That is why there are no half measures within our company. Candidates’ qualifications are just as important to us as their commitment – this applies to their training, studies and career in equal measure. But we’re not looking for robots or machines – we already have enough of those in production. We are looking for employees who can think for themselves and don’t just want to experience their future at the PERSTA valves factory but want to actively shape it.

Our trainees

from the class of



  • Sven Hoppe
  • Denise Bräker
  • Wladislaw Daut
  • Dietrich Stermann
  • Jannik Juric




Industrial clerk
Cutting machine mechanic
Industrial mechanic
Mechatronics engineer
Electronic techniciafor industrial systems
Materials tester
Technical product designer

Bachelor/Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering
Bachelor/Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor/Master of Science (B.Sc.) in Business Information Technology
Bachelor/Master of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration

Extremely high training standards are maintained thanks to our in-house training workshop, classes at the relevant vocational colleges in Soest, Lippstadt, Unna and Hagen, training network agreements with other companies in the local area, partnerships with Paderborn University of Applied Science, Hellweg-Sauerland Administration and Business Academy and South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, and a focus on practical experience at the company itself.