Small gate valve 808 GJ DN 10-40

Small gate valve 808 GJ DN 10-40Small gate valve808 GJPN 10-100DN 10-40

Standard features
– Die-forged body and bonnet
– Full bore
– Wedge
– Outside screw and yoke
– Non-turning rising stem
– Available with flange, socket and buttweld ends

Pressure and temperature ratings
– Pressure rating up to 100 bar
– Temperature rating up to 550 °C

– 1.0460
– 1.7335
– 1.0566
– 1.4571

Further materials on request

Depending on the material the gate valves are suitable
for water, gas, oil and other non aggressive media

Fields of application
Chemical industries, power plants, ship building and other

Technical alterations reserved